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Financial freedom makes almost anything possible. Forever Living Products offers you an opportunity to take control of your life and become a business owner at minimal cost and risk. You can start part-time, working evenings or weeekends to supplement your current income. If and when your busines becomes more lucrative than your day job, you can pursue your Forever Living business full-time to maximize your earnings.

There are no limits to the amounts you can earn in your Forever Living business; the more you work, the more you make. We're not promising success without working for it, but there are many people making a full living in this business. I have witnessed this firsthand.

There is no cost to join and no required purchases in order to become a distributor; however, investing in some products and literature would help you to get to know the products you will be selling and be an more informed — and therefore more successful — seller.

What is Multi-Level or Network Marking?

Many people confuse Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with Pyramid Schemes because they don't really understand the difference. A Pyramid Scheme is a type of investment fraud, while a Multi-Level Marketing company is a legitiamte type of business that offers a product or service of actual value.

In a Pyramid Scheme (Illegal)

  1. A recruiter convinces a victim to "invest" money with him.
  2. The victim pays the recruiter a set amount of money.
  3. The victim becomes a recruiter and attempts to get more people to "invest" with him.
  4. The scheme soon falls apart as victims run out.

In a MLM Business (Legal)

  1. A distributor signs up to be an authorized seller a company's products.
  2. The distributor sells the products and has the option of recruiting new distributors.
  3. Any new distributor recruited becomes part of the recruiter's network.
  4. The recruiter receives a share of the profits derived from his network's sales.

The effort you put into your FLP business now will be returned many times over as the sales from your team of distributors help provide you with the time and income to live the kind of life you want.

Forever Living has all the tools you need to succeed:

  • Quality products
  • Excellent support staff
  • Great sales and marketing tools
  • Training seminars
  • Distributor incentives and bonuses
  • Extensive company website and personal distributor websites

Forever Living has taken care of the details — research and development, market research, training materials and resources, paperwork, etc.. All you have to do is share these fine products with your customers (friends, family, community, etc.) to start building your very own business.

Why Forever Living?Get There with Forever Living Brochure

  1. Over 30 years in the industry
  2. Proven quality consumable products
  3. Presence in over 150 countries
  4. Proven financial stability (over $2.5 billion in annual sales)
  5. No pass-ups
  6. No demotions
  7. Bonuses are awarded based on retail price of products bought and sold
  8. Multiple income opportunities — personal sales, network's sales, incentives and profit sharing
  9. Extensive support network and training materials
  10. No middle man to split the profits with, which means more for you

More details here: Why Join Forever Living?

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Join Our FLP Team

We have almost 30 years of experience with Forever Living (read more about us here) and would be happy to answer any questions you have about the company or products.

If you're ready to start bulding your business today, sign-up here to join our team! There is no cost to join, no membership fees, and no set required purchase to start your business.

If you decide to sign up later or by paper application, please use the following Sponsor information to join my team.

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If you would like learn more, please visit our blog for a series of introductory articles.

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