We were introduced to Forever and its products of our good neighbor spring 2007. We started using the products with surprisingly good results. We knew then that this was quality products and would move on. This meant that we started in October 2008 as an independent distributor. Since then we have been working steadily with Forever and every day we get positive feedback from satisfied customers.
So far we have only positive experiences with Aloe Vera products and company Forever. We want more people to experience Aloe Vera products' good effects and others also to see this opportunity to improve well-being and health.
With the offer from Forever it is possible to start as an independent distributor with little effort (or a lot)
We have experienced a lot of exciting seminars and workshops around the world. Met new friends in many countries, experienced a lot we never would otherwise.
Not least, a personal development and better health.
This opportunity should not pass up. Working with Forever is a pleasure and is suitable for women and men of all ages. So if you thought this sounds interesting, please contact us on mail:

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