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Ever wonder how we get our aloe? Take a look at our 6,500-acre plantation in the Dominican Republic—the largest in the world! Watch as our plants go from ground, to harvest, to detailed inspection all for our distributors around the world.

Wherever you dream of going in life, Forever Living Products is a great vehicle for getting you there.

Starting in your own home, you can build a business that provides you the time and money to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

About Forever

Our idea of the "new economy" is a business that adapts to your lifestyle instead of the other way around. Forever Living Products (FLP) has created a flexible opportunity where over 7 million people in 155 countries are achieving their own brand of finance and wealth forever. You can be one of them.


Looking for a more natural way to look and feel better? Look no further. FLP rewrote the book on how to put nature's best sources for health and beauty to work for you.


All the tools, guidance, and support you need to turn your dreams into reality. There's only one thing better than building your own successful business, and that's having a company that turns over $2.6 billion to help you every step of the way. How to become a distributor? Join now.

Company Profile

Who are Forever Living?

Founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan, FLP is the world's largest grower and distributor of Aloe Vera products, with annual worldwide sales of over $2.6 billion. Forever Living trades successfully in over 150 countries.

Why Forever Living  Aloe Vera?

Forever Living Aloe Vera is the one that the Press is talking about the one that has all its natural strength and nutritional properties preserved, just as nature intended. FLP is the world's largest growers and producers of Aloe Vera, and is largely responsible for opening the aloe market in the UK. FLP were also the first to bear the coveted Seal of Approval of the International Aloe Science Council on our products. www.iasc.org

Finally, does any other range of products give an unconditional 60-day 'satisfaction or your money back' guarantee? Discover for yourself why FLP is the world leader. You have nothing to lose, and maybe a great deal to gain.


If you’re looking for more out of life -- a healthier mind and body, more control over how you earn an income, richer rewards for your effort, and more time for yourself and your family -- you have our full support to help you.

Invest a few moments and see what Forever Living Products has to offer. It only takes a minute to change your life FOREVER! Join us, you'll be glad you did!